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About Sam

Hi. My name is Sam. I want to welcome you to your campaign to help better serve Oklahoma's Workforce by way of keeping our fellow Oklahoman safe at work, competitive on the global economy, and earning a well-deserved pay. There are many more ways we will serve our proud fellow Oklahomans but in the end we can summarize it by applying our campaign slogan: “People not party. People not profit. People in power.”

Over the next couple of months, let us openly brainstorm together on a comprehensive list of actions that we look to enact should we be blessed with the opportunity to serve in the office of Commissioner of Labor for Oklahoma.

I do not come to you assuming I have all the answers but if we can question “why”, we will inevitably find our solution. Too often we get stuck on the “how” and hence get stuck in the metaphorical tree but end up missing the forest. Let us be detailed in our approach but broad in our vision.

You may have noticed my use of the words “our” and “we” a lot. That is because I ask you to join me today in making Oklahoma better than being just good enough and meagerly scraping by but being the standard bearer for the United States of America. We cannot boast a workforce and natural resources that are the envy of this country but fail our Oklahomans in so many other sectors of society. Mediocrity is not okay and that is a lesson I have known all my life. Having started my professional career as an Advanced Materials Engineer, I found my way earning my Masters of Business Administration and now starting multiple private businesses. But it is not enough for me to be satisfied personally until I am satisfied with the state of our state, with the economic and social wellbeing of my fellow Oklahomans. From our teachers to our firemen, from our policemen to our janitors, we have to remember what make this state the great state that it is. And at this crucial moment where sometimes it seems like we are turning our backs on them, it is time for a clear vision moving ahead. But before we can do that, we need to understand “why” we do what we do and not just “how” we are going to do it. The former requires conviction, devotion, and understanding. The latter is formulaic and tantamount to plug and play. It is one thing to debate how we are going to fund education and infrastructure, but we need to know “why” it is important and “why” it is our collective imperative to do such. Why do we need to devote our human and capital resources to better these sectors of society? I hope you can join me in our open brainstorming for the next couple of months and figuring out our “why” and once we do that together, the “how, what, when, and where” will fall in place. Thank you for your time. Let’s get the ball rolling. Now.


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